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Battle Druid Mantle Gorget

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Our nature's warrior mantle is made of 4mm thick leather and is studded with 24 metal studs. Additionally it also has a Celtic style cross motif emblazoned with 4 triquetrals and centred with a blue stone. See pictures for more detail.
It's armour, it's ornamental making it both a decorative and a function piece of kit.

Warning history info ahead: Depictions of monks on icons show the mantle in use from the earliest Christian times. The original monastic mantle was of simple material: black, brown or grey, depending on what was at hand. As time went on, the use of mantles of a particular colour and style came to be established as specific monastic vesture. Over the years distinguishing colours and ornamentation came to be applied to the mantle to distinguish monastics of higher positions within the church, while still reminding them of the need for monastic humility.

Maximum neck circumference is 590mm (23 inches)
Leather thickness: 4mm
Throat guard: 370mm (14.5 inches) wide and 170mm (6.75 inches)
Neck guard: 40mm (1.5 inches)
Weight: 353 grams