Mail Aluminium Haubergeon- Medium size

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This mail tunic is made from aluminium wire rings. This shirt is very light and is linked in a 1-4 pattern, see large pic for details.

The rings are butted and so will break apart but repair is a relatively easy process with aluminium rings.

Don't let the picture fool you. This suit will fit an adult (and also a child) . Just check the measurements below.

Size: Medium
Links: 8mm Butted
Length: 810mm (36 inches)
Sleeve: 260mm (underarm) (10.25 inches)
Girth: up to 1040mm (48 inches)
Weight: 3kg
Material: Aluminium / Aluminum

Other garments made from mail include:

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Haubergeon - mid thigh length mail shirt
Chausses - mail leggings
Coif - mail hood
Mitons - mail mittens
Aventail - mail collar hanging from a helmet
Standard - mail collar strapped around the neck

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