How to make enemies feat. Charles the First

10 Mar 2022
by Fight Club Team

On this day the 10th of March, 1629, the Parliament was dissolved. Again. For the 4th time in four years. By the same guy.

No wonder the Royalists were so hated, they couldn't make up their damn minds!

This same guy, as you might've guessed, was King Charles I of England. But, it was his dad James I who started the kingly tradition of summoning Parliaments for money. Charles I continued this tradition once he succeeded, by immediately thrusting the country into an expensive war with Spain.

Can't imagine Parliament were too happy when he made them dish out to help...

It really all went downhill for England when the Scots came down. Charles I had forced his new prayer book upon them, and they weren't too happy with that.

This happened some 11 years after the last dissolution, and after Charles was forced to call them together to get funding. This was the summoning that broke the Parliament's back, so to speak.

After some Parliamentary arrests, and a few years of rising tensions, the Scots allied with the combined forces of the Parliament.

And we all know how that went for the Royals...

You know what the funny thing is? The Parliament that Charles I raised for his war with the Scots -- it was dissolved by him.

Three weeks later.

Charles, my man. That's not how you make friends.