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Tavern Wench Dress

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Great value for money - two piece full length dress.

This dress features a green peasant style under dress with a brown skirt. Both dress and skirt have an asymmetrical hemline. Each colour is offset with the other so both green and brown are visible. Your waist is accentuated with a shaped, boned corset/bodice - a separate piece that is worn just below the bust.

The corset lacing adjusts at both the front and the back ensuring the dress contours to your body shape themed gown for most shapes.

This dress is made from a thick quality cotton.
Unlike most synthetic costume dresses available it won't lift up or blow around in a light breeze.

This dress comes with adjustable elastic gathering on the neckline and on each sleeve. This allows you to adjust the dress to the most comfortable fit. If desired the elastic can easily be replaced with ribbon.
We also recommend replacing the corset/bodice lacing with a longer length.

Sizes available

Bust: 52 inches 132cm
Length: 63 inches 160cm

Bust: 52.5 inches 134cm
Length: 64.5 inches 164cm

Bust: 53.5 inches 136cm
Under Bust:
Dress Waist Circumference: 106cm
Dress Circumference at approximate hip height: 132cm
Length: 66 inches 168cm