Blue Herringbone Leg Wraps

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In the time of the Vikings, leg wraps held a dual role, providing not only practical protection against the elements but also serving as a unique canvas for personal expression. The herringbone pattern on these wraps is indicative of Viking cultures that thrived across Scandinavia.

Beyond being utilitarian garments, Viking leg wraps were symbolic of the resilience and resourcefulness of these seafaring people. Both men and women donned these wraps, showcasing a practical solution for traversing diverse terrains while embodying the distinct aesthetic of the Viking era.

Today, our Viking-style leg wraps not only echo the spirit of those ancient times but also incorporate the timeless pattern of herringbone, adding an extra layer of authenticity. Embrace this fusion of history and style, whether you're engaging in a historical reenactment, participating in a themed event, or simply wishing to connect with the warrior spirit of the Vikings. These wraps are a nod to an era where every stitch told a story on the windswept shores of the North.


Length: 3.5 metres
Width: 11 cm

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