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Elevate your gaming experience with our attention-grabbing dice set – a surefire way to stand out at your next gaming session! Whether you're a seasoned player or the illustrious game master, these dice also make an ideal gift for the gamer in your life.

No matter the game, this set is designed to give you the upper hand or, at the very least, instill a sense of intimidation in your adversaries. Crafted for durability, these dice have a satisfying weight to them, making them an essential addition to your gaming arsenal.

To ensure both the longevity of the dice and the tabletop's surface, we recommend pairing them with a dice mat or tray.

Each set includes

  • 1 x D4
  • 1 x D6
  • 1 x D8
  • 1 x D10
  • 1 x D100
  • 1 x D12
  • 1 x D20

...everything you need for an epic gaming adventure. Roll the dice in style and embrace the advantage at your fingertips!

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