Mainz Gladius - Second

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The Mainz Gladius or Sword of Tiberius is a famous ancient Roman sword and sheath that was found in the Rhine near Mainz in Germany. The original sword is made of iron and the sheath of tinned and gilded bronze.

This version feature a bone grip with wooden pommel and guard. The sheath is made from steel and brass.

This version is not intended for full contact combat.

Please Note: Unfortunately the bone in this piece developed a break - please see the last image. The damage is on one side only - it could be hidden with leather wrapping on the grip or simply displayed with the damaged side hidden.


Total Length: 736mm
Blade Length: 544mm
Guard Width: 100mm
Grip: 92mm
Weight: 994g
Scabbard Length: 631mm
Scabbard Weight: 748g


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