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Wolf School Longsword - Wolf Heads

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Witchers are a fictional Warrior Order of alchemichally enhanced monster hunters based on the Polish novel and short story series by Andrzej Sapkowski. Witchers are known for selling their skills, knowledge and combat prowess to rid the world of dark, evil and monsterous beasts.

The School of the Wolf was a school of witchers headquartered at the stonghold of Kaer Morhen. The school originated as one of the splinter factions of the original Order of Witchers, and was concidered one of the most skilled and proffesional of the Witcher Schools.

The famed Witcher Geralt of Rivia, also known commonly as "the White Wolf", as well as by many other names, hailed from The Wolf School of training.

This beautiful Replica features an entwined cast twin wolf head pommel and comes with a scabbard and back strap, great for cosplay or home display!!

Overall length: 1180mm

Length of blade: 907mm

Overall length in scabbard: 1225mm

Weight: 1909g