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This Gladius is much like the Roman soldier who would've wielded it: no nonsense and ready to go at any moment, but still stylish and aesthetic enough to make a big impression at parade day.

For the readiness, this gladius is made sharp, and is a tempered carbon steel, making it excellent as a cutting and thrusting blade. It has a slightly lenticular cross section with a raised spine, and a very small distal taper, and full tang. The blade fits nicely into its black leather sheath, that will hang from the hip via its belt hooks.

For the style, the handle is constructed from ebony and brass; a refined material choice and deep colour contrast that together exudes confident aesthetic superiority, without any careless over-embellishments that would diminish it from elegance to pomposity.

With this weapon in hand, you say two things: I'm ready to fight, and I'll look great doing it.

What else could you need from a weapon?

Total Length:
700 mm
Blade Length: 500 mm
Blade Width at Guard: 59 mm
Blade Width at Point Start: 40 mm

Edge Thickness: ~0.1 mm

Grip Length: 100 mm
Guard Width: 80 mm
Pommel Width: 70 mm

Length Scabbard: 505 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg

Blade Material: Steel - High Carbon
Handle Material: Ebony and Brass
Scabbard Material:

Combat ready score: 10 (very sharp)
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Warnervale Store
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