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The Hobbit Sword - Orcrist

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This sword is based on Orcrist the sword used by Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit movie trilogy. It glows when near goblins and orcs like its mate Glamdring wielded by Gandalf and Sting wielded by Bilbo and later Frodo. Forged in the days of Gondolin alongside its mate Glamdring the sword is lost until Thorin and his company discover it in a troll cave. It remains with Thorin until it is confiscated from him when captured by elves in Mirkwood and is posthumously returned to him by Thranduil, resting in his tomb under Erebor, the Lonely mountain.

Size Blade: 755mm
Size Overall: 985mm
Weight without scabbard: 1.72kg
Weight with scabbard: 2.53kg