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Connor MacLeod is known to have used only two swords during his centuries-long life - the first a Scottish Longsword.

This MacLeod Family longsword most notably has "MacLeod" inscribed on the unique arched guard.

It is never revealed where or when exactly Connor got the sword. Though it is known that he used it from the time of his first battle with the Kurgan in 1536 (while battling Clan Frazer), up until the death of his wife Heather MacLeod in 1590. He left it at her burial site to serve as a headstone.

Blade Length: 810mm
Overall Sword Length: 1085mm
Weight: 1750g
Board: 365mm x 240mm
Board Thickness: 10mm

Blade Material: Steel - Stainless
Handle Material: Suede with loose wire wrap
Board Material: Wood

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