Wonder Woman Sword

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This sword is based on the Amazonian Princess Diana's 'God Killer' sword wielded in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie. Diana takes God Killer from a "special Tower" on her home island of Themyscira, believing it would be the only thing that would slay Ares the God of War. It was ultimately destroyed in her battle with Ares in the films climactic battle.

Why not purchase a circular display board featuring the same pattern seen on Diana's shield allowing you to vertically hang the sword in your home.

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Size Blade: 555mm
Size Overall: 770mm
Weight: 1.1kg

When visiting a museum in Athens, MFC were taken by the similarities of this 3200 year old sword and the Wonder Woman sword of modern pop culture. We believe this sword is most likely the inspiration behind the WW sword. The original (on the left) with a gold plated handle. Images on the right are of the MFC Wonder Woman replica sword in both metal (upper 2) and rubber (bottom 1).

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