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The head of this halberd incorporates three basic elements: an axe-like blade, a stabbing spike, and a beak. The axe blade, which gives the weapon its name (derived from the German Halm, long shaft, and Barte, axe) was used for hacking, the spike for thrusting, and the beak either for piercing weaker armor, or for pulling a knight from his saddle.

The halberd was a foot-soldier's weapon particularly popular in Germany and Switzerland. It was the most versatile of shafted weapons a man on foot could use; though the pike was the main weapon for the massed squares of foot soldiers so important in 15th and 16th century battles, the halberd was utilized both by the famous Swiss Reisläufer and German Landsknecht.

If you’re mounting this polearm on a wooden pole, the ideal diameter is 30-32 mm and it can be both round and octagonal. Before mounting the head, it is necessary to shape the wood so that the rubber hose, which reinforces the tip of the halberd, fits well on the peg at the tip of the pole.
The entire surface of the portion of the shaft that is inserted into the socket has to be coated in a good quality glue.

The tip of the fiberglass core or wooden shaft has to be thoroughly rounded to prevent any edges from weakening and potentially cutting the foam from inside.

Halberd head length: 34 cm
Halberd head weight: 260 g
Blade length: 16 cm

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