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Arawak was happy in his life as he sat at the river, Fishing, hunting, farming. He was too young to become a warrior, his elder father said “Maybe next season my son”. 
He sat at the bank using his razor sharp knife to skin and gut the salmon he had caught, then he heard it, a noise, under brush and branches breaking behind him. Deer, no? Bear unlikely?

Arawak quietly turned the knife, holding it by the blade. He rolled to the floor as he saw the goblin's green skin in the water, scrambling to his feet Arawak jumped to his feet and threw the blade, it flew true and fast. The Goblin had no idea what happened till he clutched at his neck with the long blade embedded in his neck and fell to the floor dead. 

“Next season? Really father.”

Overall Length: 250mm
Net weight: approx 35 grams
Flexible Durable Foam Made
Live Action Role Play(LARP) Approved Throwing Knife

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